Seize the day…

The sun is out and so grab those trainers

Happiness is driving to work in the sunshine, this morning was one of those day’s I literally wanted to pull over, get out and my car and just run. This feeling of slight frustration stayed with me until 5 o clock finally came!
I parked up at one of my favourite spots.  If you squint slightly at the manmade lagoon, you forget you’re on the edge of an industrial estate in Scunthorpe, (made famous for ‘Skint’ on channel 4 and a reference in Tinie Tempah’s, ‘Pass Out’,) It really is quite a beautiful place to run.
Abandoning my car, massive headphones on I sprinted off quite ambitiously round the lagoon. The fact I have a slight hamstring injury pushed to the back of my mind today, today I am going to enjoy the moment, today I am going to enjoy my music, enjoy the sunshine and just run!
Okay, so it was a mile, just one mile, but a mile without pain, something after having to pull out of the cross country just last weekend I didn’t see happening anytime soon.  I just have to keep that up for another 19 miles on Sunday no problem.
Feeling much more positive about the race after today’s sunny mile!

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