There’s no place like home.

My favourite race…….


As a runner I’ve found being able to run a race in my home town gives the most incredible mixed feelings of pride, joy and happiness thanks to the overwhelming support of local crowd, many of whom I know, mingled with the slight pressure of wanting to do my best and not let anyone down.

This year I will be running the local race that I love so much, North Linc Half Marathon. Enjoying the many benefits that come with it, including jelly babies, cake and live entertainment to name a few. Helping others to hopefully achieve their goals by pacing (keeping a steady pace advertised on my flag for the whole race.) Something I’ve been passionate about since first pacing my local parkrun 3 years ago .

On Saturday I posed with my fellow pacers for our introduction pic, complete with my flag and my brand new @_teamvolt kit. I then popped the flag away for safekeeping and ran Scunthorpe parkrun in my volt kit.


I was a little nervous unveiling the kit if I’m honest, as it’s something at team volt we’ve discussed at length, its been a none negotiable¬†we wanted just right. The feedback so far has been really good.

So now I’m looking forward to pacing my favourite half marathon- the only question is do I wear the pink or the green team volt shorts with my pacer top.

A massive thank you to @GLYNSPARKS
for bringing our design to life, and @northlincshalf for allowing us to be part of the day.

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