2 Days to go and it will all be fine!

As long as I don’t fall over…….


On Easter ┬áMonday I’ll be running Boston Marathon UK for the second time. This time last year I was feeling very confident, after months of training, a plan followed nearly 100% and a good diet, nothing could go wrong, the ultimate training goal of sub 3:45 and a ‘good for age’ time was going to be mine, as long as I didn’t fall over I’d be fine!

Famous last words………

I’m a big fan of small and friendly local races and Boston, being not too far away is ideal. Great contact via email, so you feel well-informed, plenty off loos at the start, a must for the pre race nervous wee, and friendly marshals.

On the start line last year I was near the front, the race began I went over the tag mats and the unthinkable happened, a faster runner clipped my heels accidentally and I was sent sprawling straight on my face, on the start line, in front of cameras, spectators and all!

To be far to Mr Speedy, I think he did apologise as from the floor I watched him disappearing in front, runners around me were great checking I was okay, including the confused face of my running partner, ‘where did you go?’

So I got up, carried on, in a bit of a daze, but unfortunately, confidence gone, that illusive 3:45 time was not to be. I finished bleeding a bit, pride wounded, after walking about 8 times in total and feeling rather sorry for myself.

So why on earth are you doing it again? I’ve asked this question quite a bit in the last few weeks, especially after struggling at Hull 20.

I’m running it again because of my daughter, she’s leaving school this year and continues to make me proud on a daily basis, but never has she made me so proud as she did nearly 6 years ago.

It was a school cross-country race, my daughter is very sporty, what you’d call a good all-rounder, though by her own confession, not a runner. Asked to join the team by her teacher as although not ‘fast’ she was reliable and he knew she would finish and gain valuable points. Finish she did, last and a bit upset about it, and kids can be cruel.

However the following week was another cross county and she was asked by her teacher to run again, and run she did, she wasn’t last this time, and she finished with a huge smile on her face.

I was in floods of tears, she is my inspiration, and she continues to inspire me. Because of her perseverance and determination I will run Boston again, I may fall again, I may be slower, but hopefully I as long as I keep thinking of my daughter, I will not give up.


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