It started as an idea over coffee…..

Making it happen…


What seemed like one of those conversations that probably wouldn’t lead to anything, suddenly – 4 months later – here we are. team volt is ‘active’ and things are moving fast…!

Not only are logos being professionally designed, the kit being ordered, and athletes recruited, but team volt are proud to be one of the sponsors for this year’s North Lincolnshire Half Marathon ( How exciting (and official..) is that ????

The management team have always wanted team volt to represent the core values discussed in that coffee shop back in 2016 with one being that we provide an environment which helps its athletes achieve their goals. It is this ethos that we ourselves have embraced and the pace that we are moving at is down to the great teamwork and support that we provide for each other. ‘Inspiring’ is probably the word that sums each member up.

Keep checking in with us along our journey. And don’t forget: #makeithappen