Because a change of scenery is good…..



It was a simple idea (& most of the times the best ideas are!) that instead of pounding the same pavements, in the same towns, on the same days we would simply ‘run somewhere different’.

This began with the local villages, off road etc. But then it evolved. It evolved into a challenge between us to post a run wherever we could. The bar had been raised!


Holidays in Ibiza and Majorca were no longer for relaxing, they were a way to ‘run somewhere different’. Running the sea front on the South Coast or tackling the climbs of Whitby? Of course. Getting a sneaky 5k in around the Lagoon after work or exploring the streets of Edinburgh during lunch break?  Why not?


You see, not only does it keep running fun and exciting, you also find yourself being accountable to someone else and so on the days when you may not fancy getting out there, you end up rising to the challenge. Win-win. (Today’s stretch was 7.5 miles in the capital.)


This concept has developed and so every weekend some team volt athletes like to challenge themselves at a different parkrun. Keep an eye out for us and come and say “hi”.